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26th – 30th August

So, what's this then?

DurJam is a digital event open to all students, run by Durham University Computing Society, where teams of five or less aim to make a game of their choice within 96 hours.

I have no team?

No problem! If you’ve got a pre-made team, go for it. But if you’re solo, we’ll put you in a team based on your expertise.

Or even better, head over to our Discord server, and say hi to the lovely people in the #find-a-team channel.

Do I need to be able to code?

Nope! All you need is an enthusiasm for technology, for your project, and for learning something new.

There's much more to successful team than just programming. And you'll probably learn a tonne during the event.

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Got more questions?

What's the plan?

Wed 26th
15:00 BST
Opening ceremony
Thu 27th
16:00 BST
Introduction to Git
Fri 28th
13:00 BST
Flutter with Flame (Arpan from SillyHacks)
16:00 BST
Intro to Android Development in Java (Will Russell)
18:00 BST
Flutter and Box2D (Harsh Mehta)
20:00 BST
echoAR: Build a Cloud-Connected AR/VR App in 15 Minutes or Less
Sat 29th
01:00 BST
Introduction to pygame
16:00 BST
Introduction to LÖVE
Sun 30th
15:00 BST
Hacking ends (Devpost submission deadline)
20:00 BST
Closing ceremony
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Prizes will be awarded for the best submissions.

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Learn something new at interactive workshops.

Ready, set, ...

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Since this is a digital event, we'll be communicating primarily through Discord. Come say hi!

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Organised by Durham CompSoc

Interested in running your own workshop? Or are you a business interested in sponsoring the event? Please get in touch:

And just while we’ve got your attention...

DurJam is just one of the many events that Durham CompSoc is running as we approach DurHack, CompSoc’s annual flagship hackathon.

Last year, we provided the mentors, APIs and hardware to empower over 200 hackers to come together and build something great, in just 24 hours.

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